Carlos Talks; Jim Carrey the Artist (Documentary)

“I need color.”

Jim Carrey is, by all rights, a house hold name. One which carries a many movies under his belt. He is known for both his antics in Dumb and Dumber and his absolute revelations on the human condition in The Truman Show. I recommend both as they each have their merits and equally show their own sides of story telling. 

He, like so many haunted by fame, has faught his own demons and is no stranger to both loss and struggle. He has had moments of absolute praise from media and fans alike. He has also seen himself dismissed by those very same groups. Yet, like any true artist, he is more than any one of his bodies of work. He is more then what he puts on display for the cameras. He is a human being, a creature with a soul, a mind seeking answers. Answers which he has come to find in all forms of art. 

The Documentary, Jim Carrey: I need Color, may be short but, like any good piece of art, it speaks volumes. It both shows us Jims amazing grasp of creativity and his ability to transpose that from his mind a physical medium. Be that medium paint, sculpture, or otherwise. 

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we needed to escape. Some do it by listening to their favourite song or songs. Some by returning to the world of their favourite book, losing themselves in its worries and struggles, struggles they feel more able to handle than those of their real life. Then there are those who create, who do not so much look to lose their worries but to channel them. This last group, the one where Jim clearly finds himself, is one that has always interested me. For it is in this group that we find so much of the best works of art be born. 

It is that power, the power of giving birth to truly compelling art, that David Bushell was able to capture with this short documentary. A power I hope more of us seek to claim. 

For if we do, if we all seek to show the world our inner selves, the world, and the lives of those living on it, shall be richer for it. 

See the Documentary here.


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