Carlos Talks; Video Games

Now I know what you’re  thinking. Yes, the website clearly states that I talk about movies. Yet, for those who understand a semicolon and which bravo if you do, I plan on covering many topics outside of movies. 

So today I want to talk about video games and about the missconception of game addiction. Now I could write at length on this, and I will in time, but as an intro I want to share two videos with you. They’re by a channel called Extra Credits, you really should follow them, and it’s an older one of theirs but I feel it really hits the topic on the nose. Also, it opens the discussion in a way I could never outdo. Also, if I can spread their work to even one new person, it will be worth it. 

So here we go, and, enjoy. 

Part 1: Game addiction 1

Part 2: Game Addiction 2


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